#1 Alternative to Lead Forensics

December 9, 2023
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#1 Alternative to Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is a market leading website lead generation tool. It helps a marketing team identity anonymous website visitors. Like Clearbit and other companies though, Lead Forensics is primarily best for account based marketing and account management teams.

The reason for this is that their process is focused on identifying a company IP address. It means Lead Forensics can tell you what company was on your website, but not which person from that company.

Microsoft may have been on your website, but which of the 100k employees was it?

This is the number one problem that all of the main website tools that track anonymous website visitors. You'll get the company, usually the headquarters address, general location data on the contact, and some firmographic data. However, that only goes so far.

The top companies in this space are:

  1. Clearbit
  2. Lead Forensics
  3. Visitor Queue
  4. Albacross
  5. 6Sense

Fuel Your Sales Team with ABM Data

With this level of information, Lead Forensics and its competitors are good for making sales calls for niche products into SMBs. The reason is you can figure out who the likely visitor was a bit easier. It's not a perfect science, but you can guess.

If your team is focused on account based marketing (ABM) outreach, then calling 3-4 decision makers in the same department is worth the time. If this isn't the cause, than the lead generation will be 10x harder.

#1 Website Lead Generation Tool: Identity Matrix

Enter, Identity Matrix. The entire point of this Lead Forensics competitor is to identity the exact visitor on your site. It turns anonymous website visitors into qualified leads, fully enriched with contact information.

On top of that, of course companies are identified like Lead Forensics as well.

How it Works for Lead Generation

Think about it... you're on a website looking for a B2B SaaS, consulting service, or even a consumer home service. It doesn't matter. A few minutes to a day later, you get a call from a rep that wants to help you out from that company.

You showed intent by visiting a site, especially a niche one, and you're able to immediately be contacted by the rep after going through a lead scoring system in Identity Matrix.

That's the best way to execute sales calls meaningfully, not blindly.

How Does Lead Scoring Work

With accurate tracking data such as seeing...

  1. Pages Viewed
  2. Time on Page
  3. Contact Info
  4. Firmographic Info

... You're able to make the most of your website visitors and score them based on their engagement. For example, Identity Matrix helps you identify if someone was on a blog page or a high-intent page.

It's worth the time to call someone that has been on ten high-intent pages, but maybe not someone that popped on your home page for mere seconds and then bounced. Identity Matrix helps you do this, unlike Lead Forensics and other top competitors.

Based on this engagement, points are added to the contact, giving each person a score. The higher the lead score, the better your team can do with the prospect more often than not.

Initial Sales Team Results

While companies do have a lot of luck with Lead Forensics, the companies using Identity Matrix are able to accelerate growth further. You can identify recent site visits, even in the tens of thousands and more, ensuring you never have a shortage of leads.

BDRs, Account Executives, and Account Managers are able to have a more aggressive sales approach, while doing it tastefully, of course. Without spamming anonymous website visitors, you're able to drip value-driven content to valuable leads.

Identity Matrix allows any sales team find new prospects to reach out to, identity the most active companies, and drive revenue faster.

Lead Forensics Pricing v. Identity Matrix

Unlike tools like Clearbit, Lead Forensics, and others in the space, Identity Matrix works solely on a contact credits basis. Meaning, you only pay for the data results you get.

The negative feedback online you'll see about Lead Forensics is primarily regarding the expensive pricing models they. It can become a very expensive tool if you have a lot of traffic. With an automatic rolling contract on either a monthly payment or annual contract, it can be a quick budget-eater.

Our belief at Identity Matrix is to be the most affordable, cutting-edge website analytics technology that can help sales leaders, marketing leaders, and business owners working on growth alike.


To make it short and sweet, Lead Forensics, Clearbit, Albacross, etc. are not bad tools. We can't say it's not worth the money. However, what we can say is that Lead Forensics is limited in data provided compared to a tool like Identity Matrix.

The fact is that whether you're a CMO, a global Sales Director, or a business owner, you want to provide the quickest path for a sales rep to generate leads. The best way to do that is to tell your team exactly who to contact with the lead's data spoon fed to them.

Connect that data to your CRM system and create a seamless flow other businesses in your industry won't be able to keep up with. Keep up with large companies' growth strategies without spending an incredible amount of your hard-earned budget.